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Ziggy is a professional entertainer who has a unique way of combining his charm and quick wit with his skills as an accomplished mentalist, magician, and children’s entertainer.


Everybody becomes part of the show when Ziggy is mingling with guests doing close-up magic at a corporate event, cocktail party, bar/bat mitzvah, sweet 16, wedding, bridal shower or house party. For larger audiences, Ziggy does stage shows for adults or children where there is always an excellent possibility of being chosen as an audience volunteer on stage. No matter the size of your event, Ziggy can accommodate your needs.

Ziggy is a skilled sleight of hand artist and stage performer who provides fun and mind baffling magic for people of all ages. The unimaginable happens right in front of his audiences’ very eyes as he seamlessly joins both magic and mentalism to create a wonderfully entertaining experience. They will be able to see, touch, and experience true magic, mind-reading and prestidigitation.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 6.01.32 AM.png

Ziggy is now one of the most sought after and requested performer’s in the Tri-State area including Westchester and Long Island. Ziggy’s goal is to entertain and mystify, and he really delivers.

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